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UV Lights


Cleaning your Air 24/7

We offer ultraviolet (UV) lighting systems to ensure that the surfaces and air in your home or facility are free from harmful microorganisms that can sicken you and the people you care about. UV lighting systems are an excellent way to drastically reduce the number of microorganisms in your air conditioning system and in the air, as well as to prevent the growth of mold. Get clean air with a UV lighting system from Advance Cool Air.

Benefits Of Getting UV 

Getting a UV light mounted on your air handler is really no brainer. Consider these final points:

  • 99.9% sterilization of AC coil & drain pain

  • Kills biological growth, bacteria, mold and viruses

  • Reduces system maintenance

  • Reduces dirty sock syndrome

  • Improves the indoor quality of your home

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Mini UV LED is the first-of-its-kind UV light LED system for mini-splits and similar limited space applications. Like all A/C systems, mini-splits are prone to internal mold growth and microbial contamination, particularly on and near the blower wheel. The LED light strip in Mini UV LED is designed to sterilize surfaces while having no impact on plastic materials.



  • Maintains a clean mini-split system free from mold and microbial growth

  • Saves energy/reduces maintenance costs

  • Extends life of the mini-split system

  • Improves indoor air quality

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