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  • What is HVAC?
    HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” It’s the central system used to provide heating and cooling to buildings.
  • Why is regular maintenance important?
    Regular maintenance is crucial because it keeps your HVAC system running smoothly, and prevents costly repairs, saving you money in the long run.
  • How much does a replacement system cost?
    The total cost can depend on the size of the system needing replacement. Call us now at (305) 331-7569 for a free quote or estimate, or to schedule a consultation session.
  • Should I have my air ducts cleaned?
    Yes. Clogged air ducts can lead to shortness of breath, poor air quality, and erratic temperatures. Regular cleanings will keep these problems at bay and ensure you always have clean air. Air duct cleaning is crucial in order to keep the air you are breathing clean. We recommend to get the air ducts cleaned at least once a year, usually right before the summer. People who suffer from allergies or asthma are recommended to clean their air ducts even twice a year at least since they are a lot more sensitive to the dust that surfaces the air of their home. The process in which this cleaning is done is by attaching a 3 ton HEPA vacuum machine to the main supply vent of the home. While this machine is running, we go to each individual vent with a positive air pressure compressor, creating a push and pull affect.
  • How often should I check my air filter?
    You should be checking your air filter about every 30 days. For best results, arrange regular check-ups with us to make maintenance a breeze.
  • How do your service calls work?
    If you are in need of a technician to fix your A/C, all you need to do is give us a call and we will send out our qualified licensed and insured technicians for a free service call with any repair. However, the service call is $75.00 if no work is done. Our technicians will diagnose your unit and provide you with the most efficient way to fix your system. The work could be done and completed usually as early as that same day.
  • What does SEER mean & stand for?
    The term SEER stands for, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER is the amount of cooling that an air conditioner delivers per watt of electricity used to power the unit. The higher the SEER the less electricity is needed in order to allow the unit to run.
  • How do I pay for your services?
    Advance Cool Air accepts any method of payment; cash, credit card, check and even financing. If one is interested in paying by credit card, we have a very convenient online gateway on our website which is very self-explanatory.
  • What is involed when installing an A/C system?
    There are various different factors that are considered when installing a new A/C unit. Firstly, it is important to locate where the unit is situated. It can either be on the roof, outside the house, and even in the closet. If the unit is located on the roof then a crane will definitely need to be considered in order to proceed with the installation. Depending on the city which the unit is being installed, it may be possible that a permit will be needed in order to legally install the unit on that property, or else a fine will be issued.
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